1. logoAKASHA Akasha Richmond AM Session
  2. An Catering 12 18 2015TIATO KITCHEN + VENUE & AN CATERING BY CRUSTACEAN Helene An AM/PM Sessions
  3. angelini-osteria-logo-2017_120x120ANGELINI OSTERIA & ANGELINI ALIMENTARI Gino Angelini PM Session
  4. ar-cucina-logo-2017_120x120AR CUCINAAkasha RichmondAM Session
  5. Ayara Luk Logo 2018AYARA LUK Vanda Asapahu PM Session
  6. Baltaire Logo 2018BALTAIRE  Travis Strickland AM/PM Sessions
  7. Belcampo Logo 2017_120x120BELCAMPO Brett Halfpap AM Session
  8. Blue plate 2018 BLUE PLATE OYSTERETTE  Jenny Rush PM Session 
  9. Boneyard Bistro Logo 2015BONEYARD BISTRO Aaron Robins PM Session
  10. border_grill_logoBORDER GRILL Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger PM Session
  11. Mina Logo 2018BOURBON STEAK LOS ANGELESKyle JohnsonPM Session
  12. Buddy Pops Logo 2018BUDDYPOPS Angela Michie AM Session
  13. Button Mash Logo 2018BUTTON MASH LA Thi Tran PM Session
  14. castles catering logo 2018CASTLE’S CATERING Shanita Castle AM/PM Sessions
  15. Clementine Logo 2015_120x120CLEMENTINE Annie Miler AM/PM Sessions
  16. Craft Logo 2 9 2016CRAFT Denis Crutchfield & Shannon Swindle PM Session
  17. cookie good logo 2018COOKIE GOOD Ross Canter PM Session
  18. da-kikokiko-logo-2017_120x120DA KIKOKIKO Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts PM Session
  19. 00 NEW Dandi Dons Logo 2015-120DANDY DON’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM Don Whittemore AM/PM Sessions
  20. Doma Kitchen Logo 2016DOMA KITCHEN Kristina Miksyte PM Session
  21. 00 NEW Factors Deli Logo 2015-120FACTOR’S FAMOUS DELI Debbie Markowitz Ullman AM Session
  22. Logo.2013Adjusted2FRESH BROTHERS  Scott Goldberg AM Session
  23. Got Kosher Logo 2017_120x120GOT KOSHER Alain Cohen AM Session
  24. Hamasaku 12 18 2015HAMASAKU Yoja Takahashi PM Session
  25. Hudson HouseHUDSON HOUSE Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts PM Session
  26. Il Piccolo Verde Logo 2018 IL PICCOLO VERDE  Pablo Merida PM Session
  27. Jeni's Logo 2018JENI”S SPLENDID ICE CREAMS Jeni Britton Bauer PM Session
  28. Jennifer Pennifer Logo 2015JENNIFER PENNIFER BAKES Jennifer Saitzman PM Session
  29. 00 NEW Locanda del Lago Logo 2015-120LOCANDA DEL LAGO Daniele Turchetti PM Sessions
  30. 00 NEW Lucques Logo 2015-120LUCQUES RESTAURANT Suzanne Goin PM Session
  31. 00 NEW On Sunset at the Luxe Hotel-120LUXE HOTELS Olivier Rousselle PM Session
  32. Meal and a Spiel Logo 2017_120x120MEAL AND A SPIEL Elana Horwich AM Session
  33. Michaels Santa Monica Logo 2018MICHAEL’S SANTA MONICA Miles Thompson AM/PM Sessions
  34. Native Logo 2018 NATIVE  Nyesha Arrington PM Session
  35. Pazzo Gelato 12 18 2015PAZZO GELATO Michael Buch PM Session
  36. Pedalors fork Logo 2018PEDALER’S FORK Dan Murray PM Session
  37. petty-cash-taqueria-logo-2017_120x120PETTY CASH TAQUERIA Walter Manzke and Valentina Batture AM/PM Sessions
  38. Pinches Tacos Logo 2017_120x120PINCHES TACOS Don Miguel Anaya PM Session
  39. Pinks Logo 2018PINK’S HOT DOGS Richard & Gloria Pink, Beverly Pink-Wolfe PM Session
  40. Playa Provisions Logo 2.17.15PLAYA PROVISIONS Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts PM Session
  41. PokeGo Logo 2018POKE 2 GOBrandon Laureano PM Session
  42. racion-pasadena-logo-2017_120x120RACION Shane Alvord PM Session
  43. raos-logo-2015RAO’S HOLLYWOOD Michael Wesley PM Session
  44. Ray's Stark Bar Logo 2018RAY’S & STARKS BAR Fernando Darin PM Session
  45. rosti-tuscan-kitchen-logo-2017_120x120ROSTI TUSCAN KITCHEN PM Session
  46. Salt & Straw 2016 LogoSALT & STRAW PM Session
  47. Salazar Logo 2018SALAZAR Jonathan AvilesAM/PM Sessions
  48. Salt's Cure 12 18 2015SALT’S CURE Chris Phelps AM/PM Session
  49. Savore Cuisine and Events Logo 2018 SAVORE CUISINE AND EVENTS Richard Lauter, Erez Levy and Daniel Elkins PM Session
  50. Simone Logo 2018 SIMONE Jessica LargeyAM Session
  51. soca-logo-2017_120x120 SOCA Aaron Robins PM Session
  52. Sumo Dog Logo 2017_120x120SUMO DOG Jeffrey Lunak AM Session
  53. Sugar Rush Logo 2018SUGAR RUSH BY IISHA I’isha Byas AM/PM Sessions
  54. Sweet & Savory Logo 2016SWEET AND SAVORY Dora Liang PM Session
  55. Takami Logo 2015TAKAMI SUSHI Stan Ota PM Session
  56. 00 NEW Tavern Logo 2015TAVERN Suzanne Goin PM Session
  57. TripelTHE TRIPEL Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts PM Session
  58. upper-west-restaurant-logo-2017_120x120UPPER WEST RESTAURANT Nick Shipp PM Session
  59. Valerie Confections Logo 2017_120x120VALERIE CONFECTIONS Valerie Gordon PM Session
  60. Vucacious Catering Logo 2017_120x120VUCACOUS CATERING Kim Vu PM Session
  61. wokstar-catering-logo-2017_120x120WOKSTAR CATERING Katie ChinAM Session
  62. XO on Beverly Logo 2018XO ON BEVERLY  Michael Hung  PM Session

…and more to come!



  1. 71-above-restaurant-logo-2017_120x12071 ABOVE Vartan Abgoryun PM Session
  2. logoAKASHA Akasha Richmond AM Session
  3. The Albright Logo 2016THE ALBRIGHT AM/PM Sessions
  4. An Catering 12 18 2015TIATO KITCHEN + VENUE & AN CATERING BY CRUSTACEAN Helene An AM/PM Sessions
  5. angelini-osteria-logo-2017_120x120ANGELINI OSTERIA Gino Angelini PM Session
  6. aoc-logo-2017_120x120A.O.C. Suzanne Goin PM Session
  7. ar-cucina-logo-2017_120x120AR CUCINA Akasha Richmond AM Session
  8. ayara-thai-logo-2017_120x120AYARA THAI CUISINE Vanda Asapahu PM Session
  9. 00 NEW Baldoria Logo 2016BALDORIA Duke Gervais AM Session
  10. Belcampo Logo 2017_120x120BELCAMPO Brett Halfpap AM Session
  11. Blue PlateBLUE PLATE RESTAURANT GROUP Jenny Rush PM Session
  12. Boneyard Bistro Logo 2015BONEYARD BISTRO Aaron Robins PM Session
  13. border_grill_logoBORDER GRILL Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger PM Session
  14. the-butchers-daughter-logo-2017_120x120THE BUTCHER’S DAUGHTER Richard Rea & Ignacio Zorzoli AM/PM Sessions
  15. Button Mash LA Logo 2016BUTTON MASH LA Jordan Weiss PM Session
  16. canters-deli-logo-2017_120x120CANTER’S DELI AM Session
  17. CasaLinda Mexican Grill Logo 2016CASA LINDA MEXICAN GRILL Manuel Mares PM Session
  18. cast-iron-catering-logo-2017_120x120CAST IRON CATERING AM/PM Sessions
  19. Castle's Catering Logo 2017_120x120CASTLE’S CATERING Shanita Castle PM Session
  20. chaya-venice-logo-2017_120x120CHAYA VENICE Yuichi Natori PM Session
  21. chichen-itza-logo-2017_120x120CHICHEN ITZA Gilberto Cetina PM Session
  22. Clementine Logo 2015_120x120CLEMENTINE Annie Miler AM / PM Sessions
  23. Craft Logo 2 9 2016CRAFT Shannon Swindle PM Session
  24. da-kikokiko-logo-2017_120x120DA KIKOKIKO Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts PM Session
  25. 00 NEW Dandi Dons Logo 2015-120DANDY DON’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM Don Whittemore AM/PM Sessions
  26. Doma Kitchen Logo 2016DOMA KITCHENKristina Miksyte PM Session
  27. DTLA Cheese Logo 2017_120x120DTLA CHEESE PM Session
  28. 00 NEW Factors Deli Logo 2015-120FACTOR’S FAMOUS DELI Debbie Markowitz Ullman AM Session
  29. fig-restaurant-logo-2017_120x120FIG RESTAURANT SANTA MONICA Yousef Ghalaini PM Session
  30. Got Kosher Logo 2017_120x120GOT KOSHER Alain Cohen AM Session
  31. Hal's Bar & Grill Logo 2016HAL’S BAR & GRILL Manuel Mares PM Session
  32. Hamasaku 12 18 2015HAMASAKU Yoja Takahashi PM Session
  33. Holbox Logo 2017_Square_120x120HOLBOX Gilberto Cetina PM Session
  34. Hudson HouseHUDSON HOUSE Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts
  36. James Beach Logo 2015JAMES’ BEACH James Evans & Daniel Samakow AM Session
  37. Jennifer Pennifer Logo 2015JENNIFER PENNIFER BAKES Jennifer Saitzman AM/PM Sessions
  38. Jon & Vinny's Logo 2017_120x120JON & VINNY’S Jon Skook & Vinny Dotolo AM Session
  39. kali-logo-2017_120x120KALI Kevin Meehan PM Session
  40. Local Kitchen & Wine Bar Logo 2017_120x120LOCAL KITCHEN & WINE BAR Adonis Witt PM Session
  41. 00 NEW Locanda del Lago Logo 2015-120LOCANDA DEL LAGO AM/PM Sessions
  42. 00 NEW Lucques Logo 2015-120LUCQUES RESTAURANT Suzanne Goin PM Session
  43. 00 NEW On Sunset at the Luxe Hotel-120LUXE HOTELS Olivier Rousselle PM Session
  44. Malbec Restaurants Logo 2017_120x120MALBEC RESTAURANTS INC. Pablo Alcorta PM Session
  45. mcconnells-fine-ice-creams-logo-2017_120x120MCCONNELL’S FINE ICE CREAMS Eva Ein AM/PM Sessions
  46. Meal and a Spiel Logo 2017_120x120MEAL AND A SPIEL Elana Horwich AM Session
  47. Mexikosher Logo 2015MEXIKOSHER Katsuji Tanabe PM Session
  48. michaels-santa-monica-logo-2017_120x120MICHAEL’S SANTA MONICA Miles Thompson AM/PM Sessions
  49. miro-restaurant-logo-2017_120x120MIRO RESTAURANT Gavin Mills PM Session
  50. mozza-restaurant-group-logo-2017_120x120MOZZA RESTAURANT GROUP Nancy Silverton PM Session
  51. napoleon-josephine-logo-2017_120x120NAPOLEON & JOSEPHINE Olympe Ricco AM Session
  52. O+O Sicilian Kitchen & Bar Logo 2017_120x120O+O SICILIAN KITCHEN & BAR Georgi Yaneff AM Session
  53. panzanella-logo-2017_120x120PANZANELLA Tanino Drago PM Session
  54. Pazzo Gelato 12 18 2015PAZZO GELATO Michael Buch PM Session
  55. petty-cash-taqueria-logo-2017_120x120PETTY CASH TAQUERIA Walter Manzke AM/PM Sessions
  56. Pinches Tacos Logo 2017_120x120PINCHES TACOS Don Miguel Anaya PM Session
  57. pinkslogo360PINK’S HOT DOGS Richard & Gloria Pink, Beverly Pink-Wolfe PM Session
  58. Playa Provisions Logo 2.17.15PLAYA PROVISIONS Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts PM Session
  59. Poke 2 Go Logo 2016POKE 2 GO Jeremy Ryan PM Session
  60. racion-pasadena-logo-2017_120x120RACION Shane Alvord PM Session
  61. raos-logo-2015RAO’S HOLLYWOOD Michael Wesley PM Session
  62. red-o-restaurant-logo-2017_120x120RED O SANTA MONICA Marc Johnson PM Session
  63. rosti-tuscan-kitchen-logo-2017_120x120ROSTI TUSCAN KITCHEN PM Session
  64. Salt & Straw 2016 LogoSALT & STRAW PM Session
  65. Salt's Cure 12 18 2015SALT’S CURE Chris Phelps & Zak Walters PM Session
  66. savore-cuisine-events-logo-2017_120x120SAVORE CUISINE & EVENTS Richard Lauter, Erez Levy, Daniel Elkins PM Session
  67. simmzys-logo-2017_120x120SIMMZY’S PM Session
  68. soca-logo-2017_120x120SOCA PM Session
  69. Sumo Dog Logo 2017_120x120SUMO DOG Jeffrey Lunak AM Session
  70. Sweet & Savory Logo 2016SWEET & SAVORY Dora Liang PM Session
  71. Sweet Es Bake Shop Logo 2017_120x120SWEET E’S BAKE SHOP Erica Tucker AM Session
  72. Sweet Lady Jane Logo 2017_120x120SWEET LADY JANE Jane Lockhart AM Session
  73. Takami Logo 2015TAKAMI SUSHI Stan Ota PM Session
  74. 00 NEW Tanino Logo 2015-120 TANINO RISTORANTE BAR Tanino Drago PM Session
  75. 00 NEW Tavern Logo 2015TAVERN Suzanne Goin PM Session
  76. Thyme Cafe & Market Logo 2017_120x120THYME CAFE & MARKET Marie Byrne AM Session
  77. TripelTHE TRIPEL Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts
  78. top-tier-treats-logo-2017_120x120TOP TIER TREATS PM Session
  79. upper-west-restaurant-logo-2017_120x120UPPER WEST RESTAURANT Nick Shipp PM Session
  80. Valerie Confections Logo 2017_120x120VALERIE CONFECTIONS Valerie Gordon PM Session
  81. 00 NEW Venice Whaler Logo 2015-120VENICE WHALER Nick Liberato PM Session

  82. Via Alloro Logo 2016VIA ALLORO Tanino Drago PM Session
  83. vucacious-catering-logo-2017_120x120VUCACIOUS CATERING Kim Vu PM Session
  84. wokstar-catering-logo-2017_120x120WOKSTAR CATERING AM Session