1. Ayara Thai Cuisine Logo 2015AYARA THAI CUISINE Vanda Asapahu PM Session
  2. logoAKASHA Akasha Richmond PM Session
  3. 00 NEW AOC Logo 2015-120A.O.C. Suzanne Goin PM Session
  4. Auntie Ems Kitchen Logo 2015AUNTIE EM’S KITCHEN & CATERING Terri Wahl
  5. An Catering 12 18 2015AN CATERING BY CRUSTACEAN Helene An PM Session
  6. 00 NEW Angelini Osteria Logo 2015-120 ANGELINI OSTERIA Gino Angelini PM Session
  7. Bar Pintxo Logo 2015  BAR PINTXO Joe Miller PM Session
  8. Beachy Cream Logo 2015BEACHY CREAM Ann Ryan AM & PM Sessions
  9. Bel Air Bar and Grill Logo 2016BEL AIR BAR + GRILL Chris Emerling
  10. Blue PlateBLUE PLATE Jenny Rush AM & PM Sessions
  11. Blue Plate Oysterette Logo 2016BLUE PLATE OYSTERETTE Jenny Rush AM & PM Sessions
  12. Blue Plate Taco Logo 2016BLUE PLATE TACO Jenny Rush AM & PM Sessions
  13. boa_steakhouse_logo1BOA STEAKHOUSE Michael Neflas PM Session
  14. 00 NEW Bombay Cafe Logo 2015-120 BOMBAY CAFE Kamaljit Singh PM Session
  15. Boneyard Bistro Logo 2015BONEYARD BISTRO Aaron Robins PM Session
  16. border_grill_logoBORDER GRILL Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger PM Session
  17. CasaLinda Mexican Grill Logo 2016CASALINDA MEXICAN GRILL Manuel Mares PM Session
  18. Chichen Itza 12 18 2015CHICHEN ITZA RESTAURANT Gilberto Cetina PM Session
  19. Clementine Logo 2015_120x120CLEMENTINE Annie Miler AM & PM Sessions
  20. Craft Logo 2016CRAFT Shannon Swindle, Pastry Chef PM Session
  21. Doma Kitchen Logo 2016DOMA KITCHEN Kristina Miksyte PM Session
  22. 00 NEW Drago Centro Logo 2015 DRAGO CENTRO Celestino Drago & Ian Gresik PM Session
  23. El Cholo 2016EL CHOLO Gerard Ochoa AM Session
  24. 00 NEW Factors Deli Logo 2015-120FACTOR’S FAMOUS DELI PM Session
  25. FIG Restaurant Santa Monica 12 18 2015FIG RESTAURANT SANTA MONICA Yousef Ghalaini PM Session
  26. Girasol 2016 GIRASOL C.J. Jacobson AM Session
  27. Got Kosher Logo 2015GOT KOSHER? Alain Cohen AM Session
  28. Hamasaku 12 18 2015HAMASAKU Yoja Takahashi PM Session
  29. Harvest Moon Kitchen 12 18 2015HARVEST MOON KITCHEN & MARKETPLACE Christine Drapkin AM & PM Sessions
  30. Hudson HouseHUDSON HOUSE Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts PM Session
  32. Il Piccolo Verde 12 18 2015IL PICCOLO VERDE Pablo Merida PM Session
  33. Jamaica's Cakes Logo 2015JAMAICA’S CAKES Jamaica Crist PM Session
  34. James Beach Logo 2015JAMES BEACH James Evans & Daniel Samakow AM Session
  35. Jar 2016JAR RESTAURANT Suzanne Tracht PM Session
  36. Jennifer Pennifer Logo 2015JENNIFER PENNIFER BAKES Jennifer Saitzman AM & PM Sessions
  37. Joes Logo 2015JOE’S RESTAURANT Joe Miller PM Session
  38. Little Beast 2016LITTLE BEAST RESTAURANT Sean Lowenthal & Jose Perez PM Session
  39. 00 NEW Locanda del Lago Logo 2015-120 LOCANDA DEL LAGO Gianfranco Minuz AM & PM Sessions
  40. 00 NEW Lucques Logo 2015-120LUCQUES RESTAURANT Suzanne Goin PM Session
  41. Marino Ristorante 12 18 2015MARINO RISTORANTE Mario Marino PM Session
  42. 00 NEW Maison Giraud Logo 2015MAISON GIRAUD Alan Giraud PM Session
  43. Mayura Logo 2016MAYURA INDIAN RESTAURANT Dr. Padmini Aniyan AM Session
  44. Mestico Afro Latin Cuisine 12 18 2015MESTICO AFRO LATIN CUISINE Darrell Gillcrese AM & PM Sessions
  45. Mexikosher Logo 2015MEXIKOSHER Katsuji Tanabe PM Session
  46. Michaels Logo 2015MICHAEL’S, SANTA MONICA Michael Stern & Tracy Magana PM Session 
  47. 00 NEW Momed Logo 2015-120 MOMED Alex Sarkissian PM Session
  48. Moruno Logo 2016MORUNO David Rosoff
  49. Mudhen Tavern 2016MUD HEN TAVERN Susan Feniger and Kajsa Alger PM Session
  50. 00 NEW On Sunset at the Luxe Hotel-120 ON SUNSET AT THE LUXE HOTEL Olivier Rousselle PM Session
  51. Pazzo Gelato 12 18 2015PAZZO GELATO Michael Buch PM Session 
  52. Phorage 12 18 2015PHORAGE Perry Cheung PM Session
  53. 00 NEW Pinches Tacos Logo 2015-120 PINCHES TACOS Don Miguel Anaya PM Session
  54. pinkslogo360PINK’S HOT DOGS Richard & Gloria Pink, Beverly Pink-Wolfe PM Session
  55. Pizza Antica Logo 2015PIZZA ANTICA SANTA MONICA Bradley Ceynowa PM Session
  56. Playa Provisions Logo 2.17.15PLAYA PROVISIONS Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts PM Session
  57. PopKitch 12 18 2015POPKITCH Marcos Rodriguez AM & PM Sessions
  58. Porta Via 12 18 2015PORTA VIA Armando Robles PM Session
  59. Hal's Bar & Grill Logo 2016PRIMITIVO WINE BISTRO WITH HAL’S BAR & GRILL Manuel Mares PM Session
  60. 00 NEW Qusqo Logo 2015QUSQU BISTRO & GALLERY Lucy Haro PM Session
  61. Rose Cafe-Restaurant 12 18 2015ROSE CAFE RESTAURANT Jason Neroni PM Session
  62. Rosti Logo 2015ROSTI TUSCAN KITCHEN PM Session
  63. SALT Catering 12 18 2015SALT CATERING Danielle Rivera AM & PM Sessions
  64. Salt's Cure 12 18 2015SALT’S CURE Chris Phelps & Zak Walters PM Session
  65. Salt & Straw 2016 LogoSALT AND STRAW SPECIAL EVENTS PM Session
  66. Sambar 12 18 2015SAMBAR Akasha Richmond & Kirk Plummer PM Session
  67. Sushi Roku 12 18 2015SUSHI ROKU Hiroshi Shima PM Session 
  68. Slow Fish 12 18 2015SLOW FISH John Lee AM & PM Sessions 
  69. Smile Frozen Goods 12 18 2015SMILE FROZEN GOODS Angela Michie AM Session
  70. Starry Kitchen 2016STARRY KITCHEN AT BUTTON MASH Nguyen Tran
  71. Sugar Rush Logo 2015SUGAR RUSH BY iisha iiSHA Byas AM & PM Sessions
  72. Sweet & Savory Logo 2016SWEET & SAVORY Dora Liang PM Session
  74. 00 NEW Tanino Logo 2015-120 TANINO RISTORANTE BAR Tanino Drago & Giacomino Drago PM Session
  75. 00 NEW Tavern Logo 2015TAVERN Suzanne Goin PM Session
  76. The Albright Logo 2016THE ALBRIGHT AM & PM Session
  77. The Briks 2016THE BRIKS Chef Mario PM Session
  78. TripelTHE TRIPEL Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts PM Session
  79. Via Alloro Logo 2016VIA ALLORO Giacomino Drago & Tanino Drago PM Session
  80. Westside Tavern Logo 2015WESTSIDE TAVERN Ben Cohn PM Session
  81. Wilshire Logo 2015WILSHIRE RESTAURANT Sal Garcia PM Session