1. 71-above-restaurant-logo-2017_120x12071 ABOVE Vartan Abgoryun PM Session
  2. logoAKASHA Akasha Richmond AM Session
  3. The Albright Logo 2016THE ALBRIGHT AM/PM Sessions
  4. An Catering 12 18 2015TIATO KITCHEN + VENUE & AN CATERING BY CRUSTACEAN Helene An AM/PM Sessions
  5. angelini-osteria-logo-2017_120x120ANGELINI OSTERIA Gino Angelini PM Session
  6. aoc-logo-2017_120x120A.O.C. Suzanne Goin PM Session
  7. ar-cucina-logo-2017_120x120AR CUCINA Akasha Richmond AM Session
  8. ayara-thai-logo-2017_120x120AYARA THAI CUISINE Vanda Asapahu PM Session
  9. 00 NEW Baldoria Logo 2016BALDORIA Duke Gervais AM Session
  10. Belcampo Logo 2017_120x120BELCAMPO Brett Halfpap AM Session
  11. Blue PlateBLUE PLATE RESTAURANT GROUP Jenny Rush PM Session
  12. Boneyard Bistro Logo 2015BONEYARD BISTRO Aaron Robins PM Session
  13. border_grill_logoBORDER GRILL Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger PM Session
  14. the-butchers-daughter-logo-2017_120x120THE BUTCHER’S DAUGHTER Richard Rea & Ignacio Zorzoli AM/PM Sessions
  15. Button Mash LA Logo 2016BUTTON MASH LA Jordan Weiss PM Session
  16. canters-deli-logo-2017_120x120CANTER’S DELI AM Session
  17. CasaLinda Mexican Grill Logo 2016CASA LINDA MEXICAN GRILL Manuel Mares PM Session
  18. cast-iron-catering-logo-2017_120x120CAST IRON CATERING AM/PM Sessions
  19. Castle's Catering Logo 2017_120x120CASTLE’S CATERING Shanita Castle PM Session
  20. chaya-venice-logo-2017_120x120CHAYA VENICE Yuichi Natori PM Session
  21. chichen-itza-logo-2017_120x120CHICHEN ITZA Gilberto Cetina PM Session
  22. Clementine Logo 2015_120x120CLEMENTINE Annie Miler AM / PM Sessions
  23. Craft Logo 2 9 2016CRAFT Shannon Swindle PM Session
  24. da-kikokiko-logo-2017_120x120DA KIKOKIKO Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts PM Session
  25. 00 NEW Dandi Dons Logo 2015-120DANDY DON’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM Don Whittemore AM/PM Sessions
  26. Doma Kitchen Logo 2016DOMA KITCHENKristina Miksyte PM Session
  27. DTLA Cheese Logo 2017_120x120DTLA CHEESE PM Session
  28. 00 NEW Factors Deli Logo 2015-120FACTOR’S FAMOUS DELI Debbie Markowitz Ullman AM Session
  29. fig-restaurant-logo-2017_120x120FIG RESTAURANT SANTA MONICA Yousef Ghalaini PM Session
  30. Got Kosher Logo 2017_120x120GOT KOSHER Alain Cohen AM Session
  31. Hal's Bar & Grill Logo 2016HAL’S BAR & GRILL Manuel Mares PM Session
  32. Hamasaku 12 18 2015HAMASAKU Yoja Takahashi PM Session
  33. Holbox Logo 2017_Square_120x120HOLBOX Gilberto Cetina PM Session
  34. Hudson HouseHUDSON HOUSE Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts
  36. James Beach Logo 2015JAMES’ BEACH James Evans & Daniel Samakow AM Session
  37. Jennifer Pennifer Logo 2015JENNIFER PENNIFER BAKES Jennifer Saitzman AM/PM Sessions
  38. Jon & Vinny's Logo 2017_120x120JON & VINNY’S Jon Skook & Vinny Dotolo AM Session
  39. kali-logo-2017_120x120KALI Kevin Meehan PM Session
  40. Local Kitchen & Wine Bar Logo 2017_120x120LOCAL KITCHEN & WINE BAR Adonis Witt PM Session
  41. 00 NEW Locanda del Lago Logo 2015-120LOCANDA DEL LAGO AM/PM Sessions
  42. 00 NEW Lucques Logo 2015-120LUCQUES RESTAURANT Suzanne Goin PM Session
  43. 00 NEW On Sunset at the Luxe Hotel-120LUXE HOTELS Olivier Rousselle PM Session
  44. Malbec Restaurants Logo 2017_120x120MALBEC RESTAURANTS INC. Pablo Alcorta PM Session
  45. mcconnells-fine-ice-creams-logo-2017_120x120MCCONNELL’S FINE ICE CREAMS Eva Ein AM/PM Sessions
  46. Meal and a Spiel Logo 2017_120x120MEAL AND A SPIEL Elana Horwich AM Session
  47. Mexikosher Logo 2015MEXIKOSHER Katsuji Tanabe PM Session
  48. michaels-santa-monica-logo-2017_120x120MICHAEL’S SANTA MONICA Miles Thompson AM/PM Sessions
  49. miro-restaurant-logo-2017_120x120MIRO RESTAURANT Gavin Mills PM Session
  50. mozza-restaurant-group-logo-2017_120x120MOZZA RESTAURANT GROUP Nancy Silverton PM Session
  51. napoleon-josephine-logo-2017_120x120NAPOLEON & JOSEPHINE Olympe Ricco AM Session
  52. O+O Sicilian Kitchen & Bar Logo 2017_120x120O+O SICILIAN KITCHEN & BAR Georgi Yaneff AM Session
  53. panzanella-logo-2017_120x120PANZANELLA Tanino Drago PM Session
  54. Pazzo Gelato 12 18 2015PAZZO GELATO Michael Buch PM Session
  55. petty-cash-taqueria-logo-2017_120x120PETTY CASH TAQUERIA Walter Manzke AM/PM Sessions
  56. Pinches Tacos Logo 2017_120x120PINCHES TACOS Don Miguel Anaya PM Session
  57. pinkslogo360PINK’S HOT DOGS Richard & Gloria Pink, Beverly Pink-Wolfe PM Session
  58. Playa Provisions Logo 2.17.15PLAYA PROVISIONS Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts PM Session
  59. Poke 2 Go Logo 2016POKE 2 GO Jeremy Ryan PM Session
  60. racion-pasadena-logo-2017_120x120RACION Shane Alvord PM Session
  61. raos-logo-2015RAO’S HOLLYWOOD Michael Wesley PM Session
  62. red-o-restaurant-logo-2017_120x120RED O SANTA MONICA Marc Johnson PM Session
  63. rosti-tuscan-kitchen-logo-2017_120x120ROSTI TUSCAN KITCHEN PM Session
  64. Salt & Straw 2016 LogoSALT & STRAW PM Session
  65. Salt's Cure 12 18 2015SALT’S CURE Chris Phelps & Zak Walters PM Session
  66. savore-cuisine-events-logo-2017_120x120SAVORE CUISINE & EVENTS Richard Lauter, Erez Levy, Daniel Elkins PM Session
  67. simmzys-logo-2017_120x120SIMMZY’S PM Session
  68. soca-logo-2017_120x120SOCA PM Session
  69. Sumo Dog Logo 2017_120x120SUMO DOG Jeffrey Lunak AM Session
  70. Sweet & Savory Logo 2016SWEET & SAVORY Dora Liang PM Session
  71. Sweet Es Bake Shop Logo 2017_120x120SWEET E’S BAKE SHOP Erica Tucker AM Session
  72. Sweet Lady Jane Logo 2017_120x120SWEET LADY JANE Jane Lockhart AM Session
  73. Takami Logo 2015TAKAMI SUSHI Stan Ota PM Session
  74. 00 NEW Tanino Logo 2015-120 TANINO RISTORANTE BAR Tanino Drago PM Session
  75. 00 NEW Tavern Logo 2015TAVERN Suzanne Goin PM Session
  76. Thyme Cafe & Market Logo 2017_120x120THYME CAFE & MARKET Marie Byrne AM Session
  77. TripelTHE TRIPEL Brooke Williamson & Nick Roberts
  78. top-tier-treats-logo-2017_120x120TOP TIER TREATS PM Session
  79. upper-west-restaurant-logo-2017_120x120UPPER WEST RESTAURANT Nick Shipp PM Session
  80. Valerie Confections Logo 2017_120x120VALERIE CONFECTIONS Valerie Gordon PM Session
  81. 00 NEW Venice Whaler Logo 2015-120VENICE WHALER Nick Liberato PM Session

  82. Via Alloro Logo 2016VIA ALLORO Tanino Drago PM Session
  83. vucacious-catering-logo-2017_120x120VUCACIOUS CATERING Kim Vu PM Session
  84. wokstar-catering-logo-2017_120x120WOKSTAR CATERING AM Session